The Breakthrough Solution to Smoking and Vaping

“Hi George!  I truly enjoy referring your services. You are very skilled at your craft! I’m 2 years in and still smoke free!!! Truth be told I can’t imagine a time that I ever did smoke :-)))”

This Client Has Referred Over 10 Of His Friends & Business Partners Who I have Succesfully Been Able To Help For Anxiety, Confidence, Smoking & Weight Loss.


Hypnosis for Smoking and Vaping Cessation

Tried quitting smoking and failed? At Positive Healing Hypnosis, George Chacko specializes in helping people become a happy non-smoker for life! George’s professional hypnosis service makes it easier and faster than you think to get the results you want.

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Hypnosis for Smoking and Vaping Cessation
How Does Hypnosis it Work?

How Does it Work?

Hypnosis for smoking is effective in helping dissolve the triggers that make you want to smoke – stress, boredom, driving, having a drink, with morning coffee, to kick start your morning, etc. Tell me your triggers and let’s get started dissolving them.

George Chacko’s hypnosis works regardless of how light or heavy you are of a smoker. The only thing required is a genuine desire to quit smoking. The impulse to smoke comes from a subconscious or unconscious level. That is where the change has to take place. This is the control center of our lives.


6 Month Service Agreement

As a free bonus, the program comes with a generous Service Agreement for 6 months. This means if after working with me, in the rare occasion, you ever feel the need to smoke or start smoking again, reach out to me and I will get you back on track for free. No extra charge. This agreement is for 6 months only and it starts from the day you and I first work together. Almost all of my clients stop right after the first sessions. Why can I afford this generous Limited Service Agreement? That is because only 5% to 10% feel the need the of the support of a second session.

Professional hypnotist


See direct client testimonials for the proven effectiveness of George’s Hypnotherapy for Smoking & Vaping

16:22 08 Feb 24
I went into hypnotherapy because I had tried everything else for my anxiety. Ever since my 3 sessions with George my anxiety has gone down, I am eating and sleeping better, and I am happier and on less prescription medication. I originally needed his help with severe interview anxiety and now I have done 5 interviews and felt fine! I’m really happy I met George.
Cesar DiazCesar Diaz
12:17 02 Feb 24
George was fantastic. Went in for help with my claustrophobia and I recently took four flights and I was very calm. The techniques he taught me worked really well! Very happy to say that he helped me a great deal!!
Kelly HagelauerKelly Hagelauer
18:13 29 Jan 24
George is an excellent human being and highly effective clinical hypnotist. He spends a great deal of time learning about your unique situation and applying the best methods for successful outcomes.
T CyrT Cyr
18:27 07 Dec 23
For years I was letting my anxiety get out of control and snowball into new fears that were controlling my day-to-day life. I developed driving anxiety specifically at night and driving on highways. This anxiety would have me take a route that could be double the travel time just so I didn’t have to take a highway. I knew that I couldn’t continue my life in this manner and wanted my life to go back to before this anxiety started. I was doing Riki and was considering contacting that person, but I knew this was mental and Riki is chakra. I went on Google and looked for a hypnotherapist to see if this would be something that would help me. I stumbled upon Geroge and read all his reviews which were all positive on how he helped so many people get over their fears. I reached out to him and did his free 30-minute consultation, and I was immediately impressed with his questions and his plan to get me over these fears. I am tight on money, and he made it very easy for me to pay overtime so I could afford his treatment without breaking the bank, which was a concern for me. After the first session I really saw a change in me, and his different techniques helped me continue treatment in between sessions. Every session was different but after each one I got more and more confident in my fears and instead of avoiding them I was sort of looking forward to them so I could tackle them headfirst and test myself. After the final session I feel finally cured of my anxieties and I’m ready to tackle the world and do the things I always wanted to do. Thank you, George, for everything and helping me get through this time in my life and I’m ready to see what the future is in store for me.
Kim WKim W
11:56 17 Oct 23
I wanted to stop eating in the middle of the night--something I have done for 50 years. I started with the free introductory phone session, in which he did a test hypnosis. I have to say, from that point on I no longer ate in the middle of the night! I still completed the 2 recommended sessions to reinforce it. In one of the sessions, he reached something deep within me I did not even know was there. I do not consider myself suggestible so I am amazed despite the great reviews! I chose George from Google reviews so I'm leaving one as well.
Katerina SawickiKaterina Sawicki
14:42 19 Sep 23
Positive Healing Hypnosis = Positive Results!I am blessed to have met George; I am blessed to be free from the hold nicotine has had on me for 45 years; I am blessed to have regained my life back and I am blessed to reach out to you, the reader of this post, and support you in spirit as you change your life through George and Positive Healing Hypnosis! God Bless You All..
Sheila GeorgeSheila George
13:57 22 Jun 23
I am so amazed and likely still processing what George and hypnosis has done for me.  I first heard about George and his hypnotherapy practice about 2 years ago from a friend who, with George’s help, successfully quit smoking and remains smoke free.  Once I got to the point that I knew I wanted to quit smoking, I contacted George.  I had no idea what to expect. George is a kind and compassionate person who took the time to get to know me and my smoking habits in order to design a hypnotherapy program to help me quit smoking. Now, 21 days after the 2nd session with George, I am happy to be a nonsmoker and I will never look back!  George provides the tools and support to be successful.In addition to the smoking cessation program, George helped me with anxiety and worries. The anxiety was keeping me from living my best life.  This wasn’t part of the package, but George being the kind and compassionate person that he is – couldn’t ignore how this was affecting me.  He went above and beyond, with hypnosis, to help free me from these anxieties.  He lessened my mental (and physical) burdens.  He wasn’t prepared to do this, but because he is an excellent hypnotherapist, he was able to pivot and use tools to address the anxiety.  I felt so great when I left and still do.  It was like I did 25 years of traditional therapy in 2 hours.  So freeing – all of it!  George, I can’t thank you enough for all of your help!
ashleyy radcliffeashleyy radcliffe
02:08 03 Feb 23
I want to start off by thanking you George. You have really changed my whole outlook on life in such a short amount of time. I left our session today in tears because you have helped me start my journey on who i truly want to be in this life. I also enjoyed your style of how you go about things and how you are cautious and always made sure i was comfortable moving forward in this session. I'm excited to take the next steps into my journey. You are a beautiful soul and i am just so appreciative of our session. I hope i am able to keep you updated on how much you have helped me!
18:13 02 Feb 23
I was not expecting on my first session to have such an in depth discussion. It was wonderful. I actually was in tears and left feeling like such a weight had been lifted. I didn't even know how much I was carrying with me emotionally let alone how to dissect, evaluate and handle it. We talked about many things I have been afraid to share. He made me feel THAT conformable. He gave me a plan to wake up and counteract my feelings daily. He gave me affirmations to do that still work for me today. I left feeling ..hopeful. I haven't felt like that since I was a kid honestly. I was surprised at his patience as well. We have had a second session and he nailed it again. I don't know how he does it, but he gets me to talk and share and realize that my power truly is within and that I can HANDLE my problems like everyone else lol I would recommend him to anyone who truly wants to change their life! There is nothing to be afraid of! I was ruled by fear until I had a session. I think I have a new lease on life:) ..and it feels amazing.
Jim LecknerJim Leckner
19:19 21 Jan 23
George is a consummate professional and unbelievably good at what he does. Be careful...after a session or two with him, you might end up doing something crazy and move 700 miles away like I did! But in all seriousness, George engages you and helps you uncover the hidden ideas about yourself that keep you stuck. If you're a person like me who has tried so many different things and felt like you couldn't see a way forward, George will help you untangle the knots of your psyche and guide you to a better version of yourself that refuses to settle for a mediocre life. You will gain tools that you will use for the rest of your life and you will expand your ideas of what's possible for you. I cannot recommend George enough...he helped me take off the blinders that kept me from seeing my potential, and for that, I will be eternally grateful for his work with me.

Reasons to Try Hypnosis to Quit Smoking

More Effective Than Nicotine Replacement Therapies

Nicotine Replacement therapies such as patches, pills and gums only create new habits. Hypnosis is a natural and holistic alternative that works to eliminate addictive habits altogether!


Flexible Interest-Free Payment Plan

 If needed, we offer a flexible interest-free payment plan that allows you to get the help you need immediately. We work with your budget!

Financial Freedom

The cost of hypnosis is nothing beyond what you are currently spending on cigarettes or vapes. It is already in your budget! Use that money to stop smoking and save yourself from the lifelong costs of the habit. My average client will save $2688 each year. That’s 26,880 after 10 years! Invest in your life, health, and self-esteem and establish a healthy financial future.

Customized Sessions

All sessions are customized to your particular situation and needs. This is why the FREE Introductory Session is important in the beginning so I can realistically and honestly assess if I can help you. No hype. Just honesty. It also gives you the opportunity to evaluate me!

Stop Self-Sabotaging

Hypnosis speaks in the programming language of your subconscious mind. Target the source of your desires and impulses directly to stop being an arsonist of your own life!



In Person or Zoom

 Positive Healing Hypnosis offers appointments over zoom or in person. This way, we can work with you in the way that best suits your needs and comfort. Distance is no issue.


LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Results may vary from person to person. No individual results should be seen as typical. I will use  current information and appropriate hypnotic techniques for your situation. Hypnosis is not meant to diagnose or treat any disease. Still, rather, it is intended to provide information, education, and motivation that will help you live to your best potential and guide you toward being more effective in helping yourself. All information provided here is only educational in nature and is provided as general information and is not medical or psychological advice. There is no existence of professional relationship between the practitioner and the visitor

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