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Hello! I’m George Chacko.

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As an experienced Certified Local Hypnotist and Respiratory Therapist, I can help you make profound changes in just 1 to 3 sessions. Each session is powerful and is designed to make a positive difference! Using hypnosis and many other advanced healing modalities, I have helped many people overcome obstacles that have stood in their way their entire life.

By tapping into your subconscious mind, we can work together to overcome the obstacles that are holding you back and create lasting change. I have helped countless individuals overcome their toughest challenges and transform their lives. Don’t just take my word for it – see my many Testimonials and Reviews.

Whether you’re seeking hypnosis to stop smoking, weight loss hypnosis, or how to stop or control emotional eating, I create customized hypnosis protocols to meet your specific needs and help you overcome and manage the obstacle that stands in your way.

In my weight loss hypnosis program, I have helped individuals shed pounds and keep them off, while our hypnosis for anxiety and stress program has allowed people to break free from fear, manage their anxiety, and live a more fulfilling life.

So why wait any longer? Take the first step towards a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life by scheduling a free consultation. I am passionate about helping you achieve your goals and unlocking the power of your mind. Let’s work together to make your dreams a reality and live your best life.

My Approach & Values

From time to time, I know my life and my clients life has been unnecessarily harder, because of outdated subconscious beliefs that appear rational, fears that paralyze us from taking the right action, blind spots in our thinking that we were not aware of, and stressful events we simply did not know how to respond to appropriately. They all have limited us, made us make not so good decisions, and stunted our growth. So, so much wasted time. Enough already!

I know from my own personal life and from helping many clientsall it takes is just one small shift at the subconscious level, a release, a change in perspective, a decision, an insight, a realization that drastically improves our lives for the better. My goal is to create an avenue for that to happen for you.

Expert Hypnotist

"George is highly effective and has a great set of "tools" at his disposal to help combat anxiety and make significant changes in a short period of time. After 18 months of various therapies to help my teen battle multiple anxiety disorders, I feel that George is a truly hidden gem with all his knowledge and am very pleased he was able to help and work with us."

~ Heidi Knopf (Google 5 Star Review)

I was very skeptical about hypnosis. I knew I needed to quit smoking, but it really had a grip on me. I was a 1 1/2 packs a day smoker off and on for 30 years! I was coughing and wheezing at night. My family was concerned about my health, and quite frankly, I was too. I was nervous to take the first step, but George made me feel extremely at ease. He explained the program, how it works, and the benefits. He sent me my "homework" to do prior to our session, and it was HOMEWORK! It truly made me THINK about what I've accomplished in my life, and why I smoke and why I really hate it and want to quit. Fast forward...I quit smoking without any cravings after the first session! It's been a couple of weeks now. I don't have the cravings to smoke, but I'm still dealing with the habit of basically it will pop into my mind that I would normally be smoking at this time, etc. It really makes me feel good that I can just say, "I don't smoke anymore" and it goes away! And now I'm saving the money I would have spent on cigarettes for a vacation! I would highly recommend George to anyone who is really READY to quit smoking. If you are open to it and put in the work, you will thank yourself!

~ Kelly Whitney ( Google 5 Star Review)

"I want to start off by thanking you George. You have really changed my whole outlook on life in such a short amount of time. I left our session today in tears because you have helped me start my journey on who i truly want to be in this life. I also enjoyed your style of how you go about things and how you are cautious and always made sure i was comfortable moving forward in this session. I'm excited to take the next steps into my journey. You are a beautiful soul and i am just so appreciative of our session. I hope i am able to keep you updated on how much you have helped me!"

~ Ashley Radcliffe (Google 5 Star Review)

"I highly recommend George Chacko for smoking cessation and the overall empowerment of your subconscious to work for you than against you. I smoked for over 20+ years and my habit was increasing over the last several years. I had one primary session on October 19th, 2021 and I have not smoked since (42 Days and counting!). I experienced only minor cravings within the first couple of weeks, but the process promotes a strength that supports continued success. The cravings are gone and it feels like I never smoked. INCREDIBLE RESULTS. You can do it if you are committed to change."

~ James Ward ( Google 5 Star Review)

"George does an amazing job, not just with Hypnosis but by providing his clients with so many external tools that it is hard to fail. I quit after 1 session and have been smoke free for 1 month now. The cravings are there sometimes but this process makes it easy to push through them. I hardly had any physical withdraw at all which was not my experience trying other methods. I'd highly recommend this to anyone who is serious about quitting!"

~ Melissa Shelton (Google 5 Star Review)

"George is really sympathetic and thorough in his sessions. He uses multiple strategies that go beyond hypnosis, and this is really helpful in getting at root causes and finding cures that fit the person. I highly recommend his services!"

~ Jonathan Friedman (Google 5 Star Review)

"I met George trough zoom, during a 1:1 session of healing. I called him one day after seeing his reviews from other patients and asked him if he could help me overcome fear, anxiety, depression etc. After one session with George, all I can say is that you are not only going to find in him one of the greatest therapists you will ever meet but also one of the most caring."

~ Elis Dalea (Google 5 Star Review)

"George is an amazing person who inspiring in so many ways. He is a wonderful inspirational speaker and life coach. I attended a stress reduction seminar which greatly improved my stress load at work and changed my life. I also had a hypnosis done to stop eating chocolate."

~ Katy Paolucci ( Google 5 Star Review) 

"I was not expecting on my first session to have such an in depth discussion. It was wonderful. I actually was in tears and left feeling like such a weight had been lifted. I didn't even know how much I was carrying with me emotionally let alone how to dissect, evaluate and handle it. We talked about many things I have been afraid to share. He made me feel THAT conformable. He gave me a plan to wake up and counteract my feelings daily. He gave me affirmations to do that still work for me today. I left feeling ..hopeful. I haven't felt like that since I was a kid honestly. I was surprised at his patience as well. We have had a second session and he nailed it again. I don't know how he does it, but he gets me to talk and share and realize that my power truly is within and that I can HANDLE my problems like everyone else lol I would recommend him to anyone who truly wants to change their life! There is nothing to be afraid of! I was ruled by fear until I had a session. I think I have a new lease on life:) ..and it feels amazing."

~ LurkerBae (Google 5 Star Review)

"I was given Positive Healing's contact information by several friends who had successfully overcome their tobacco habits through George's techniques. I had tried multiple campaigns to eliminate drinking but have always reverted to my old habits. I am several weeks successful and feel very confident that I am on my way to a better life. George and I spent several weeks ahead of the hypnosis doing homework and learning about my cravings as well as my desires to quit. Through his process and hard work prepping for the main event, he was able to tailor the hypnosis to suit my goals and future lifestyle that I wanted. I feel very fortunate to have been introduced and to have worked with George! His passion and knowledge for his craft shine through his enthusiasm and I have recommended him to several other people that I know who struggle with anxiety, alcohol, tobacco, stress, etc."

~ Jason Johnson ( Google 5 Star Review)

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